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Hella Fitzgerald is a full service event band available for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and other special events. The band manager serves as a music coordinator, creating a sound backdrop that fits your vision and budget while maintaining a classy aesthetic both visually and musically.

Our past clients include Paypal, Google, BluePrintNYC, Yelp, Jay Siegan Presents, Entire Productions, SalesForce, 21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, LiveNation, Hartmann Studios, A-List Communications, Salvation Army, One Workplace, BMW, and many more. 

We typically begin our dance sets with upbeat Speakeasy jazz and swing also with New Orleans style jazz, followed by Classic Soul/Funk/R&B, and finishing off the night with more current, 90's and contemporary Top 40 songs. We can also work with themed events like 1920's, Great Gatsby, Speakeasy, Art Deco, Old Hollywood, James Bond, Casino, and more.

Hella Fitzgerald is happy to accommodate requests. We can learn specific versions of songs (choreographed dances, special dances) upon request.

Ceremony, Cocktail and Dinner


With the ceremony as the most intimate portion of the wedding, we highly recommend either a soloist or duo. Most people prefer solo keyboards, though we are able to provide string quartets, solo violin, harp or anything else you envision. We also provide ceremony sound package including a speaker, wireless lapel and handheld microphone, and a dedicated sound engineer.


The Hella Fitzgerald 's smaller combos play instrumental jazz and R&B as guests mix and mingle. They play at a low volume, providing a perfectly subdued and charming soundtrack. Your guests are the focal point and can converse with ease while still feeling the warmth of a live musical backdrop. We generally recommend recorded music for the dinner portion to support easy conversation levels.

Our traditional New Orleans-style brass band is available as part of our ceremony/cocktail package. The band can lead your guests from ceremony to cocktail or provide cocktail hour music and leads guests over to the dinner area.


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Dancing & Reception


Our regular band features a female vocalist, two horns, keyboards, upright bass, and drums. The band is able to adjust larger or smaller including additional vocals, guitar, and/or extra horns to fit your musical vision, budget, and space. With our experience and sensitivity to details, we support you and your special event so you can relax and enjoy the party.

Additional Services



We are happy to provide live music for a portion of your event then turn it over to one of our slammin DJ's to amp up the rest of the night!  Live music and DJ packages are available can can incude lighting as well.


Our lead singer can provide emcee duties to facilitate the announcement of speeches, toasts, and other events throughout the evening such as cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, and transportation (shuttles, etc).  Our wireless microphone and speaker system can be made available to you and your guests for these announcements, toasts, and speeches.

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